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Paul and Jesus,

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip across Cuban life.  I really had a great time.  You are a walking encyclopedia of information.  You and your team, Paul, Tony & Michael, made our trip a success and very enjoyable.  I can’t thank you enough for all you did.  Less than a year ago, I never envisioned I’d visit Cuba.  Now after 2 visits I can’t wait to come back and see more.  You have a wonderful country and the people are great.
Looking forward to the next adventure with you,

Tom W., Virginia

The service these guys provided for our group of 12 was priceless!, We had an amazing trip across culture with day trips to the country that gave us a real look and feel for Cuba.   It was rewarding to see the historic places and meet with artists on our own pace with your translators and guides. Great tours & service, THANK YOU

Bennett G., San Diego, CA

Paul and his guides, Juan and Jesus were incredibly conscientious, attentive to all our photographic interests and needs, always concerned about how we could experience Cuba best. As a photographer, I am always backing up to take a photo, sometimes without looking behind me. Juan saved me from myself more than once! The casa particulars were comfortable and the breakfasts were great. We drove the entire length of the island, had personal interactions with the Cuban people in both the cities and rural areas, captured amazing images. We fell deeply in love with Baracoa and Cuba. Everyday was a surprise. 

We would highly recommend this travel group to other photographers and those who wan to see the real Cuba and the classic Cubans. 
Eileen and Danielle , PA

Paul, First of all, Thank you for your excellent service of guiding us through getting to Havana and back without a hitch. And secondly for being such a great guide and friend and genuinely great guy!  We really enjoyed the personal time we spent with you. Cuba and its people are wonderful and memorable . This was more than we expected. 
I give you a great review! When are you going back to Cuba? I want to send dance shoes and more to all our new families.
J'Nelle & Stephen, California

Interested in traveling with Paul Prewitt, Hot Cuba Travel to Cuba ?
Briefly, I have traveled with HCT twice this year and I can tell you that the experiences were fantastic!   
Personalized attention from Paul and his staff & guides Jesus Magan and Juan, coupled with their amazing knowledge, really brought me to know the people and  culture of Cuba.  Additionally, Paul and his staff demonstrated great attention toward insuring that the clients were remained safe and healthy!

I can tell you that you will have an exciting, positive educational experience with them that you will never forget!!

Bill C, University Administrator (retired) , S, Florida

"We had such a great time on this trip! I didn't feel like a tourist at all but like I was experiencing the culture by being submerged in it. Cuba is so rich, beautiful and multi-faceted . The trip was organized for intimate experiences with Cubans. We were comfortable! Good vans.  We all agreed it was a transformation...I left with heartwarming memories and definitely more enriched .
Courtney & Tyler ~Daytona, Fl

Visiting Cuba was always a dream for us. Charley and Paul made it come true, we are  very happy with the trip . We could never experience Cuba the way we did without guidance and the translators. We got into the guts of Havana and the local life, different from the tourist experience. Havana is mysterious and an unusual place. We went to the best restaurants and paladors, restaurants in peoples homes, You can feel  the Cuba of the past and the new of today. 
Thank you !!
Robert and Alexia ~Jacksonville Fl

Charley was one of the best guides! He took really good care of the group and ensured we were always safe and comfortable. He was entertaining and a great source of information.He took great care  to point out what/where was safe to eat (ensuring I was always catered for as a vegetarian). He was responsible, tolerant, really good fun and really contributed to the trip being one of the most memorable ones I've been on. 
Thanks Sandy! ~Fl

Cuba was amazing, we loved it. Could not have asked for a better time.  I was extremely pleased with all aspects of the accommodation - better than we expected. Food was also better than we expected. Very, Very pleasantly surprised. We really appreciated having a Spanish guide to explain everything to us, we enjoyed encounters with the locales with the  translating. This made the trip so much more enriching than if we had traveled on our own.
Honestly I just loved it all!!!
I'll be back 
Jessica ~Colorado

The trip was wonderful and Charley an excellent guide. I just wish we had been able to stay longer! We learned  so much about the history of Cuba and  the complexities of the current situation.  I have gone home with fantastic memories of the trip and, thanks We will be recommending Hot Cuba Travel to all my family and friends.  The home stays were also wonderful and welcoming. The rooms were comfortable and the hosts were lovely and friendly. The Hotel National was amazing to walk through!. Cuban coffee is amazing. Best start to the day. I love Cuba and hope to one day come back. 
Natalie & Rhett 

My trip to Cuba with Charlie was stress free, informative and educational as well. When considering travel to Cuba, like everyone, there were concerns of safety an immigration. My concerns were overcome after arriving as I noticed the many friends and contacts that were there. The remainder of the trip was very enjoyable through history and beauty of the untouched areas Cuba has to offer. If considering travel to Cuba in the future, Charlie Gonzalez would be the first person contacted.
Jim C. Daytona Shores, Fl

Charley being born in American, but with relatives in Cuba adds a unique dimension to the Hot Cuba Travel experience. Having a personal family connection to the Cuban people opens doors to a very special cultural opportunity that is not available to every tourist. I found this to be the most rewarding part of my trip with Hot Cuba Travel. And Paul's ability to capture these very personal moments with the people of this beautiful country created lifetime memories for me and my family."
Roberto  Ormond Beach, Fl

My wife and i went to Cuba with Charley in November 2010 and had a wonderful time. Everything was taken care of from start to finish. Charley is very personable and treated us like family. His personality makes him well liked and accepted by everyone we encountered. The Cuban people went out of their way to show us their country and way of life. They were very interested to meet us and find out about the United States. The fact that Charley is fluent in both English and Spanish made communicating with them a breeze. We went on quite a few "backstage tours" including the National Zoo, that included playing with baby lions in the nursery, (bonus) several world renown cigar factories, and even a agriculture tour at a cigar farm. We had wonderful meals as Charley knows all the best restaurants. Without a doubt I would rate our trip as 5 stars and would gladly go again and again with Charley.
Mark W.  Ormond beach, Fl