*Is it legal for Americans to travel to Cuba? How?  

As of June 2019, all past People to People regs are discontinued. Today you must travel under one of the 12  ways under a license from the United States Dept of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) 

We use OFAC  license Support for the Cuban People and have for years due to the meaningful interactions with non-governmental businesses and accommodations.

 The trips  entail a full time schedule of educational and cultural exchange with everyday Cubans and an intimate look at Cuba culture from religion to the arts.  For more information go to http://www.ofac.govt

*How long? 

Our typical trips are 4 night-5 days and 6 night -7 days. We customize longer trips for any part of Cuba or activities

*How many in a group? 

Typically 6-12, all who have similar interest.

*From where? 

We can book your flights form the US cities with direct flights or meet you in Havana


Full Trips run from as low as  $1000.00 Compared to other Caribbean nations Cuba is affordable. Everyday necessities are very reasonable for Americans.

*What’s included? 

 Visa, License authorization , guides,  transportation and  day tours, lodging-breakfast, tour entrance fees or lectures fees.

*Where do we stay? 

We stay in licensed Bed and Breakfasts known as Casa Particulars. The Casa's  provide a unique opportunity to see and understand the culture of Cuba and the day-to-day life of the Cuban people. The landlords are new Cuban entrepreneurs that take good care of their customers as they make a great living working in the tourism industry. They make a great living by Cuba standards and want repeat business. They are very friendly and while the home homes are generally older, they are spotless clean and provide comfort and great security.

*Money and Credit Cards? 

Unfortunately, any credit cards issued by American Banks are NOT honored any where in Cuba. Americans are forced to carry cash. Most hotels have safes and Casa Particulars have excellent security. When you arrive in Cuba you will be required to convert your dollars to CUCs (the Cuban currency for foreigners).
Your guide will assist you in this process if needed.

*Is Cuba safe for Americans? 

Cuba has one of the lowest crime rates in the world; but petty street crime does occasionally happen. Like any where in the world situational awareness and common sense is advised. Cubans love Americans (or North Americans as they call us). Cubans have a great hunger to meet Americans and learn about the American culture. But because of the embargo, many Cubans have never met an American. 

*Cell phones, e-mail, and the internet? 

Very few Cubans have access at home to the internet.  Most tourist hotels contain business centers or internet cafes. WI FI is  growing but slow.  Some US cell phones will work in Cuba, but expensive, it is possible to call the USA from hotels.

*Water and Electricity? 

Generally, the water is good, but to be safe drink bottled water. It is readily available. The electric is the same voltage as the USA so converters are not required.

*Medicine and Prescriptions? 

The general rule is, if you know you are going to need it, bring it with you. Because of the trade embargo some of the consumer items we take for granted can be difficult to find.


Havana Architecture,  Pinar Del Río, Cuevas De Saturno, Bay of Pigs-Guamá, Zoological areas and National Parks, Tobacco Industry & Regions,   Agriculture, Old Havana, Hemingway Home, El Capitolio, Art Culture, Rio Canímar, Morrow Castle,   Viñales, Plaza De La Revolución, and those are just samples of the Western side of Cuba.  We will do tours on the Eastern side of Cuba from Houlguin, Baraco and Santiago de Cuba. 

*What is not included? 

Lunch, Alcohol, tips, evening transportation, dinners.
*Our Goals 

Our goals as your guides are to help travelers have incredible journeys, filled with endearing experiences, which leave them feeling great about Cuba and the culture they visited. 
Frequently Asked Questions